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501(c)(3) non profit

Statement of Purpose: Sock It Too ‘Em Inc. recognizes that something as simple as socks can help to better lives. With this in mind, our mission is to give new socks to every person who needs them, with the hope that we can make every step people take a little easier.


Matthew. I just, uh, go to the soup kitchen and go back this way towards the park and go do what I do and he’s always here every Sunday asking if someone needs socks, and of course, I mean, with the Marion House client services being closed cause they’re only open during the week, I mean, there’s no where else to get socks and it’s nice to have a pair. Oh, they’re important if you want to keep your feet clean and keep from getting your feet cut or getting them messed up and getting, like, gang green or any of the foot diseases people get out here from walking around barefoot all day.

What we do is give out clean socks. Everyone needs to take care of their feet.  At this time I am mainly out beating the streets with socks and handing them out to people with a need. I go out on Saturday mornings to a park where people in need go to eat and a few different out reaches are there. I also go out on Sunday mornings and hand out socks on the street corner. It’s a high foot traffic corner near a local soup kitchen. I have been doing this for a bit over three years. I also go out if I have a day off. I am currently giving one pair per person. I carry socks for men, women and children. Yes there are families out on the street. I will give out more than one pair if asked and see that there is a need. Some guys need more than one pair as they are working or just got a job. This is about loving people where they’re at. I also try and give the kids five or six pair each. I carry diabetic socks as well, plus there are some pretty tall people and I find I need large socks for them. I try and carry different colors as well. Black are needed some times for work.  The response is great. Some don’t take socks from me anymore as their situation has changed and they can wash clothes and such. I also get those that don’t even have a pair on and they put them on right away. 

Who am I? I am a former homeless person. I also struggled with addiction off and on for many years.  There has been a lot of restoration and forgiveness in my life. I am now sending my oldest daughter to college and have a wonderful wife of almost eight years. I also have a three year old boy and a seven year old daughter. I have a small remodeling company and stay very busy. I am a giver. This is what I felt led to do. I also help out with some other agencies in town that are out reach oriented.

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